We offer a wide range of memberships to suit everyone in our Glasgow club, as well as drop in classes and our famous Martial Arts classes!

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We all get tight and often sore form this tightness, but the silly thing is that although we know we're tight we do little about it until we really struggle or are in pain. Regular stretching will help to keep you limber and moving with ease, this will benefit your training massively so really no benefit in not stretching.   Major stretching benefits: • Increased movement efficiency • Decreased risk of injury • Increased blood supply and nutrients to joint structures • Increased neuromuscular coordination • Decreased risk of low back pain • Reduced muscular tension • Improved balance

  Focusing on training your abs or core is wise, most of us are weak in this area and strengthening it will help with many postural issues and tightness people experience. However crunches and sit ups are not the answer. If you are looking to lose fat, especially if it's more than a couple of kgs, then focusing on FULLBODY MOVEMENTS, HEALTHY EATING and DAILY MOVEMENT will help. Doing a load of crunches and drinking "healthy juice diets" will give you a sore back and diarrhea.   Check out our previous blog posts

IF YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING OVER THE INTERNET FOR A NEW PROGRAMME AT ANY POINT THEN YOU WILL HAVE COME ACROSS THE CONCEPT OF PUSH,PULL,LEGS: You spend one workout using your pushing muscles: chest, shoulders, and triceps. The second workout of the week is your pulling muscles: back and biceps. The third workout of the week is for lower body work. Then you start over and rotate the days as you see fit, simple. This set up is perfect for those with busy lifestyles meaning that you've got your whole body