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But with the good weather and warm days a lot of people are falling short of some basic human etiquette.


We’re not trying to be awkward when we put rules in place and our rules are not extreme. Here are a few issues we will be pulling offenders for so be aware

If you’re guilty of the following then try and resolve the issue today!

1- SHOWER – Yes you’re in the gym but so are many other people. You will sweat when working out, but stinking to high heavens is not tolerable and is not only un-hygenic but inconsiderate to every other member in the gym. It’s hot right now, we all know it but YOU CANNOT WEAR THE SAME GYM CLOTHES ALL WEEK. Wash your Gym clothes and yourself before coming to the gym.

2- WIPE DOWN EQUIPMENT – Once again IT’S HOT. We will all sweat more than normal, while this shouldn’t smell (yet) why should the next person be faced with your sweaty patches?!? Use a towel or blue roll provided at desk or in holders. Leave benches and equipment as you would expect to find it.


3- PUT EQUIPMENT AWAY – Doesn’t matter the weather this is always an issue. But people seem to be lazier than usual in the heat and this needs to STOP. You use it, you return it. Can’t return it? Then you probably shouldn’t be lifting it….?

4-DON’T DROP EQUIPMENT – What happens when you drop your new phone? You might get away with it once or twice but chance are it’ll be cracked, chipped, smashed or broken. While dumbbells and equipment are stronger than your mobile, they still get damaged and broken.

5-WASH – So important it’s in here twice. It’s hot inside and out, do not come to the gym with stinky clothes. if you’re already attracting flyes after a day of hard work, have a quick splash down before heading out onto the floor. We have Fabreeze but it only goes so far….

So that’s our rant for now and while this list is very short and there are many other areas of gym etiquette, these we would say are the basic basics and it shouldn’t be too much to ask these are met.

Enjoy training folks and stay clean and tidy!