Our Club


Future Fitness is more than just a gym…

Here at Future Fitness we are determined to provide the best training facility possible for our members, which has key in our recent renovations and investment in world-class equipment.

With a team of approachable, knowledgeable staff on hand to give advice and training tips, we ensure our gym has a supportive and fun training environment for everyone. Unlike many gyms, the staff and members strive to create an atmosphere that is as unintimidating as possible for visitors and newcomers, whilst keeping quality training in focus.

There is definitely more to Future Fitness than meets the eye. Our full facility spans 2 floors and includes a range of training zones, a weights room that includes best-in-class Hammer Strength equipment, a sauna, steam room and a martial arts centre. In addition, we run regular and varied classes that suit people of all abilities and experience levels.

We have a range of affordable memberships – you’re not spending a fortune to get a good workout, but we still continually invest in high quality equipment just like the big, pricey gyms.

The 6 Pillars of our Gym:

  • Community spirit
  • Safety
  • Innovation in Equipment
  • Fun is Paramount
  • Fairness & Affordability
  • Respect

Our Equipment

When you come to Future Fitness you will be greeted by our massive variety of training equipment. You can expect to find everything from treadmills and spin bikes to squat racks and free weights. We have a wide range of Cybex cardio machines along with our latest additions, brand new Hammer Strength resistance machines. If you’re new or unsure of a gym environment we have a dedicated ladies and beginner friendly zone. We also have a functional training rig and a free weight training area for more experienced lifters.

Our Facilities

We have more than just gym equipment at Future Fitness, we provide you with all these facilities too:

  • Sauna/steam room
  • Martial Arts facility
  • Fitness Class studio
  • Hammer Strength Strength Suite
  • Functional Training Zones
  • Supplement and clothing shop
  • In-house masseuse
  • Team of qualified personal trainers
  • Freelance Personal Trainers

Please watch our video below to get an idea of just some of the classes and facilities available to members and non-members on a daily basis. Get involved!